Haycocks – “World Class Fabrication Excellence”

Haycock & Hague Pipework Systems Ltd was established in 1974 and was originally known as Haycock & Hague (Pipework) Ltd.

Haycock & Hague Pipework Systems Ltd are represented exclusively by Borkit Oiltech in Kazakhstan.

Haycock & Hague Pipework Systems Ltd are represented exclusively by Evanpala in Iran.

Since then the business was incorporated as a Limited company in 1994 and has continued to grow and serve its clients needs with a safe, flexible, efficient and professional workforce. We operate from our purpose built fabrication facilities in Selby and undertake works throughout the UK and also overseas having undertaken projects in Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Our progressive management team have a positive work ethic which provides for a spirit of cooperation across the entire company infrastructure to enable us to achieve all project aims and requirements.

Haycock & Hague Pipework Systems can provide a professional range of pipework fabrication and installation services, mechanical installation and coded welding to suit all of your piping and mechanical installation requirements associated with Projects or Maintenance contracts.

Our Design and Manufacturing capabilities include...

  • Crude Oil Heaters
  • In-direct Fired Heating Systems
  • Direct Fired Heating Systems
  • Manifold Systems
  • Multi-phase Metering Skids
  • Waterbath Heaters (API 12K Compliant)
  • TEG Heaters
  • Gas Heaters
  • Burner Gas Management Systems
  • Hot Oil Systems
  • Oil Skimmer Tanks
  • Reactivation Heaters
  • Pressure Reduction Heaters
  • Production Separator Skids
  • Demineralisation Vessels
  • Orifice Chambers
  • Knock Out Drums
  • Glycol Regeneration Packages
  • Wellhead Distribution Manifolds
  • Convection Heaters
  • Salt Bath Heaters
  • Dosing Systems/Packages
  • ASME U Stamp Pressure Vessels
  • PD5500 Pressure Vessels
  • Liquid Metering Systems
  • Gas Metering Systems
  • Custody Transfer Systems
  • Gas Pressure Reduction Systems
  • Liquid Bi-Directional Provers
  • Liquid Uni-Directional Provers
  • Methanol Injection/Transfer Systems
  • Cooling Water and Filtration Skids
  • Closed circuit, indirect air blast based cooling systems, where the coolant is sealed for life.
  • Open evaporative based cooling system (direct and indirect).
  • Heat Exchanger Skid mounted systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Ultra-Pure Water Treatment Systems
  • Nitrogen Generation Systems
  • Lube Oil Packages
  • Beam Gas Compressor Packages
  • Instrument Air Packages
  • Air Compression Packages
  • Liquid custody transfer metering systems
  • Liquid meter Prover systems
  • Gas custody transfer metering systems
  • Uni-Directional Prover Loops
  • Bi-Directional Prover Loops
  • Meter Calibration Rigs
  • Pressure Control Packages
  • Gas Pressure Regulation Stations

Business Statement

Our aim is to be a leading international business, specialising in services and engineering solutions for process related industries and the commercial and manufacturing sectors whilst maintaining our core business of pipework fabrication. We maintain and improve our wide range of skills associated with engineering, design, pipework fabrication, installation and commissioning by investing in an on-going programme of training and professional development. This allows us to nurture a company wide team spirit, which ultimately helps you to achieve your goals in a high quality cost effective, safe and timely manner.